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Thread: Music Scores / Sheet Music

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    has anyone ever had any success downloading music scores or sheet music using klite? what is it you recommend i search for eg., the words to use in search etc. ?

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    i got u covered on that man, i got u covered!
    dl- Guitar Pro 4, with the patch (without the patch it will be very slow) it takes a while to get used to the program, i still dont have it all down, but u go to to download the songs you want (you can transcribe it to sheet music or just use tabs, its a deadly programs man check it out.

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    excellent. thanx. i have that program . shall install it now.

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    not a prob

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    But is this only for guitart music? What about others?
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    from bass, piano, drums, keys, violin, lots of instruments man, try downloading cake walk too, im not to familiar with that program tho, i thoguht it converts tabs to sheet music, but u can do the same with GP4

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    For original music for guitar, piano etc. you should visit the following sites:

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    You could always go for the trusty Torrents:
    Open sign-ups.

    Not just piano songs. Chords, vocal, tabs, etc.
    Huge song resource... but i had trouble searching for stuff before (they usually list 100 non-related songs lol). They've since improved their searching capabilities.

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    man this website is super helpful!!!!!!


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