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Thread: Ps2 Games(copying)

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    I am still a little confused here. I did read the Sticky guide uptop, just still doesnt make sense to me. What I want to know is, I have a Dvd Burner and a NON Moded Ps2. I want to be able to COPY Ps2 Games with my Dvd Burner First off. What program do I need and any instructions would be awsome!(Even a link to somewhere that would help me&#33 Then I will worry about swap method or whatever is needed to play. Please someone diret me.

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    Pop the game disc into your dvd burner. Open up Alcohol 120%. Click the Image Making Wizard button on the left. Direct it towards your dvd drive.

    After that finishes, open the Image Burning Wizard and open the file you just created.

    For playback, if you dont use a mod-chip you need to get a slide card and swap discs.I have a website that sells a combo for $20 US.

    Pop the dvd swap disc into your ps2, when it tells you insert disc, use the slide card to open your ps2 and place the burned disc in and push the tray back in. Slide the card back the other way to close your ps2. Press X and your done.
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