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Thread: Stupid Imesh

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    omg...i just downloaded and installed imesh today...didnt know it had i found out after i installed i tried removing the adware...and most of it was gone and then i tried to uninstall i press UNINSTALL, and a little box blinks for a second and then nothing happens....after i try to uninstall, in Windows Task Manager, wowexec.exe and unwise.exe appears after i try to uninstall. (But they're like spaced in the front)... and the cpu usage goes to like 50%...and i have to end task both of these items in order for my comp to become do i uninstall imesh?? someone please help...this is annoying me so much stupid homo imesh...thank you

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    just get spysweeper or some other spyware scanning program and get rid of teh spyware, chances are removing imesh will still probably leave the spyware...

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    i know how to remove the spyware...i think....but i cant uninstall the program...i dont want imesh...I WANT IT GONE!...ok thx

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    reinstal imesh then uninstall it then scan 4 ad/spyware. what might of happened is that coz u removed that ad/spyware be4 trying 2 uninstall imesh, da spyware remover u was using may of deleted a file that imesh needed 2 uninstall its self. i hope that makes sense

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    yea already tried this...

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    Re-Format Harddrive!!

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    omg i dont wanna reformat my hard drive just cuz of this stuipd gay ass thing

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    i just used windows restore thing and it seems like the POS is gone...


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