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Thread: Is Shareaza Good?

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    is shareaza clean or fake or what cause i just now herd of this program is it good or what can someone tell me do u use it ????
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    I use it and I love it.

    Shareaza is completely spyware and adware free. It is NOT subscription based - you don't pay for it.

    It connects to 4 networks: Gnutella 1, Gnutella 2, Edonkey 2000 and BitTorrent, so you can download the one file from people on the first three networks all at the same time.

    I don't use BitTorrent, but it is a separate network and is supposed to be really fast.

    I highly recommend Shareaza 2.0

    See my sig for the website.


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    it sucks ass. use a separate client for Bittorrent and emule because the "all in one" is slow as shit

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    Well I don't use BT, so I don't have any issues with that.

    The all-in-one feature is pretty good I think. The G2 network (for me) is much faster than the ed2k network with it's bloody long ques, but the ability to find an ed2k hash and then download it on G2 is great.

    ed2k has a much bigger content base, but once you find the hash, it flies through on G2.

    Raza also supports so many different hash types, which makes it a big plus.

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    I used Shareaza for some time (from the version 1.5) and i'm just not yet shure if it's any good. The interface it's pretty nice (although I don't like that the progress bar is not uniform) and the FAQ helped me a lot during my freshman peer-2-peerer (although I still don't understand completely what hashing means).
    If shareaza is fast and reliable I'll find out soon because, as I just finished downloading Futurama series, I'll start downloading the Simpsons series using 9 different P2P programs(*). For the moment my favourites are Emule and Warez p2p.

    - Kazaa Lite K++
    - Filetopia
    - WinMX
    - Warezp2p
    - Shareaza 2
    - Soulseek
    - iMesh
    - Kazaa Gold (I got that piece of crap cracked, of course)
    - Overnet

    P.S.: BT? I hate it.

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    why do u hate bt? its the best protocol

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    Originally posted by CPU1@10 June 2004 - 10:04
    why do u hate bt? its the best protocol
    Well there are several objective and subjective reasons:

    - I downloaded BitTorrent some time ago and it just kept asking from donations and I was something like: if I had any money I would have donate some to you in the first place!
    - Maybe I'm just unlucky but I never had the chance to download anything using BitTorrent because the source was always unavailable and I don't like waiting (that's why I lurk on several filesharing networks at the same time)
    - I don't believe in connecting to a single person to receive the files I need. I'd rather trust in multiple sources that leading to a greater speed and so on.
    - I like a well made interface and except Shareaza, wich I think it has one of the best interfaces available, everything refering to BT it's plain ugly (including ... brr).

    That would be it. Of course I'll try BT though for my Simpsons dowloads. Maybe I'll get more lucky.

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    some one tell this guy how it works

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    no that not the correct answer
    first he need to understand how it works
    then IMO he should dl shadows client

    edit: I thought you were recommending the original client, thats the worst client

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