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Thread: Help Making Dvds

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    ok heres how it goes i downloaded tmpgenc complete off of go suprnova and it said i could compress and convert 495minutes on one dvdr. I encoded it right but it is two big to fit one my dvd r which is 4.7gbs, and it said it would fit.

    please help or tell me if i am in the wrong forum

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    it doesn't matter on length it matters on size of teh files to fit on a CD

    you have to shrink the bit rate using TMPPnce

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    sorry i dont know anything, where do you get tmppnce from and if i get it i will be able to put 3 or 4 movie on a dvd+r

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    it says CBR MPEG-1 Layer II Audio (MP2). and it also says if authored with mp2 audio, movie can be recorded up to 495 min onto standard 4.7 dvd-r please if you can tell me step by step how to put more than one movie on a dvd-r using avi files like movies off of kazaa

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    if you use the wizard with tmpeg m8 i think on screen 3/4 you can set the size..

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    yes it is possible to fit all those movies to one dvd using tmpgenc but ou will need some extra kdvd templates that can be downloaded at

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    yep kdvd is the way to go, i can't wait till I get my burner to try it out

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    the best bet is to get DIKO from and use that - it will sort all the numbers out for you and even burn the dvd if you do so wish..good app
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    i have a question to do with this, im making a dvd with video from a dv camera, im currently getting it in dv-avi and the filesize is quite large, i will have to convert it later and the sizes will become even larger,

    So if i have a movie that is over 4.7gb in size but under 495min in length i can burn this too a dvd? Including menus.

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