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Thread: Hey, Can Someone Help Me Retrieve My Account?

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    i need some help......for some reason , i can't access my hotmail account no of them at least.......i think someone hacked in and changed my password, or someone somehow ran random "change password" entries in the "forgot password" section and reset my now i can't get into it.

    i have like all my websittes subscription information and login, password information in that account, and now i can't access it.

    is there a way i can download a program or get that figured out?? i know we can't talk about hacking in this forum, so can someone telll me of some othe rway or pm me?


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    Same thing happened with my Yahoo account, just send a mail to Hotmail, they'll ask you for your secret question and answer or whatever, that should do it.

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    you can't do the whole, 'forgot my password' thing to get it back, or have those answers & stuff changed too?

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    welll, yeah, i can, but the thing was that back then i just ran through the thing without keeping records of what i placed down, i know the secret question maybe, but i dont' know, i remember a lot of the stuff down the line to get me the account quickly......little did i know then that i would use it permanently for keeping my login details

    but i dont' know, i'm hoping that there's anohter do i e-mail the hotmail staff anyways?

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    Originally posted by mikenmike0001@10 June 2004 - 10:57
    little did i know then that i would use it permanently for keeping my login details

    That's not a good place to keep that information. You better change you passwords now. Someone might have all your e-mail now.

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    i know, but what's the hotmail security's e-mail address

    or who do i email to to ask about this stuff? i can't find the info.

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    When you try to log in there's a "Forgot your password?" link at the bottom. It will ask you your email address and your location first (if you made it up and you can't remember what you put then tough, hotmail staff won't help you).

    I think it asks you your secret question once you've got that bit right.
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    oh noooo.....i'm screwed then.........if they can't help me , that means i have to make up a new email and change all my subscriptions....ah...........!!! :helpsmile: ........darn, i could have sworn there used to be a technique of hacking into those accounts.........oh well......

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    You can't talk about hacking in this forum (read the rules)

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    oh okay....
    hm....are we allowed to pm? well...anyways........i guess i'll try to do something......

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