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Thread: Sims No Cd Crack

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    I have a copy of my original sims game (the other one is damaged) and cannot get it to run. It will install, no problem, but asks for the cd when I try to play it. I got the no-cd crack and installed it into the folder...still wont play....any ideas?

    I get a german message when trying to run:

    Die Sims 1.0 Fix.exe !!

    Spiel voll installieren.Original Sims.exe mit der aus dem Archiv austauschen. Zum Spielen muß die Sims CD (Original/Kopie) im Laufwerk sein !!!

    which seems to say (no german speaker here) that I must have an original or copy...which I have....and it then proceeds to unpack itself....but still nothing......

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    Go to this site and look for the German no-CD patch. The Sims have a number of different versions.
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    I didn't find it where you suggested, but I found it here

    tested and working and living in my shared folder....

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    you have a copy of your original GERMAN cd?
    are you just afraid to admit you downloaded it?

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    Perhaps has he bouhght his game in deutschland.... not a good liar

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    Actually, I bought the original game in England (yes I did pay the full price for it too)....way before I ever downloaded a prog or mp3. And my son DID break the disc getting it out of the box!

    The German crack was to allow no cd use from the backup copy I had made the day after I bought it which was pretty much a good thing as 4 yr old kids can be ham fisted. It was a pressie for his older sister's birthday....she was not amuzed!

    The one I suggested above is an english version and works.

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    if u want cracks you dont go to Game copy world you go to Game burn world


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