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Thread: Sygate Firewall Pro (latest)

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    i have recently intalled this having removed zone alarm pro,and keep getting messages similar to this.
    "win 32 core kernal has tried to access/have recieved a broadcast packet from remote machine do you want to allow this programme to access the network"
    I have been searching for hours on the forum and google and i am still unclear what this really means or whether i should allow them
    any help gratefully received
    regards alex

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    switch back to zonealarm and this problem will go away

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    Perhaps its trying to access your router or network, not sure.

    Originally posted by james_bond_rulez@10 June 2004 - 05:13
    switch back to zonealarm and this problem will go away 
    Thats about the most retarded thing youve ever said...

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    Reading my mind.

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    thanks guys except 007..........who obviously would be George lazenby or Roger Moore........THE DUFF BONDS
    I use bittorrent a lot...........anything to do with that because since i've started blocking the it seems to be playing up.....
    anyone know whether to allow them?
    regards alex


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