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Thread: Whats Wrong?!?!

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    I dunno if its me or just the music file i download from kazaa. But everytime i download a music file such as mp3 format it has this "choppy" sound in the background.Do any of you guys know why?

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    it could be that it is a crap file.

    when u search, make sure there are LOADS of sources for the file you are getting (circa 200), and make sure that the quality is high...bitrate 128 or above.

    or it could be your speakers???
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    wich player do you use? Some players make a mess of your mp3&#39;s. Try a different player ( like winamp) and see if that helps.
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    check sound card? B)

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    good call Mivaro its kazaa player that is messed up for me cuase it has that choppy sound to it... but when i play the music on winamp it works good


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