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Thread: Kazaa Lite Using 99% Of Cpu Time

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    i'm running kazaa lite 2.4.4 with kl extensions v.0.57 on windows 2000 server service pack 4.

    kazaa lite utilizing 99% of the cpu time on my computer. can someone please help me resolve this issue? thanks in advance.

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    easy, stop using kazaa
    look into bittorrent/mirc/emule for faster/safer/uncorrupted downloads

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    i already use bittorent & irc, but they aren't p2p filesharing.

    why do you say that emule is safer than kazaa lite?

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    Mostly K-Lite uses so much CPU when either a .dat file is currupted or is hashing new files. If corrupted delete it, if hashing wait a minute or two.

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    it could be too many downloads, or a corrupt file
    why do you think bt and irc are not p2p, ever think of making a torrent, are setting up a f-serve in a good channel

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    Just use Bittorent or Soulseek, good fellow!

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    BT is good has most thing the rest have if you put the time in to find what you want


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