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Thread: Vcd Help

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    i know the posts from may 20th to june 9th were deleted, so im asking for the user who uploaded the guide to make vcds thatll fit on one cd no matter the size limit to post it up again, thanks a lot :helpsmile:

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    you mean kvcd, click my sig

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    nah im pretty sure it was VCD, it was posted up about a week ago
    thanks anyway

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    bc_uk had made a few "guides" so it was probably one of his, try pm'ing him

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    thanks, hope it was him
    ahhh it seemed that he signed up after may 19th, his username and account was deleted

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    nope im still here

    my name is bc-uk will live thats y u couldnt pm me (i had trouble wit my old account)

    most of my guides are in the pinned topic

    u probs want the easy vcd guide

    Pinned Guides

    Easy VCD

    Plz reply to notify my account is working

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