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Thread: Program That Can Convert Audio And Video And Cap

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    Does anyone know of a program that can cap audio from a cd into mp3 and one that can also convert audio and video into mp3 or mpeg, which ever pefereed. If their is not one program that does this all could u find me one that can cap from a cd to mp3 and one that can convert audio and video. Thank u .

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    Try here . Shareware so find one you like , go crack hunting. B)

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    bump i want one that does not need a hacking code.

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    Ok first to extract (I hate calling it ripping. It makes it sound like a bad thing) audio from a CD try EAC - Exact Audio Copy

    There is also CDex which is more user friendly.

    There is a The Quintessential Guide To Creating The Highest Quality MP3s On Earth and more at MusicWorld.

    one that can convert audio and video

    I do not understand your question. Do you mean getting audio off video. Then try VirtualDub.

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    static hum

    or if you mean "extracting" movies or video & leaving the sound & stuff...there's tmpgenc
    but it's not very user-friendly

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    hey,much..look in the download section here,their all freeware mate...


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