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Thread: Help Me Get Rid Of A Virus

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    Okay, I downloaded a file called 'Winamp 4.0 Beta'. File size 369KB.

    When i tried to open it to install, a black screen flashed up and then nothing happened, so I deleted it and downloaded winamp 3.8

    This worked fine and i thought no more of the non-working one.

    However, when I turned my computer on again the next day, and started up KaZaA Lite, there was an extra about 100 random files in the software section of my KaZaA, all with a size of 369KB. I deleted all of these files, and then ignored it.

    The next day i turned on my computer and started up KaZaA Lite, once again, these files had appeared, and now I have to delete them every time I start KaZaA Lite.

    Can I stop this happening, because it is obviously some sort of virus, but I don't know how serious it could be to my PC.

    Oh yeah, it wasn't one of those files with the artist as '[SN]', because I know that those files have the same kind of effect.

    So can someone help me:

    a) stop the files appearing every time
    B) tell me what this virus does to my computer

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    have u fully scanned your comp with norten and trojen remover?

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    I know exactly what your talking about&#33; You cant get rid of it unless you use norton anti virus or another virus program. If I am correct, look in your /system32 and u should see a kittykat icon<--that is the file that makes the constant downloads appear on kazaa. This has happened to me along time ago. Also the icon may be a smiley face. Im pretty sure u will find it there.

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    Winamp is freeware. Stick to downloads from their site.

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    try deleting them from the "my kazaa lite" tab in kazaa, and not directly from my shared my shared folder.

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    i also have a f***ing virus....
    but my norton didn&#39;t detect it. so i download McaFee
    and it managed to delete it.

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    sounds like the klez virus, one of the early ones hugo. get the klez remover, I think klez was the one doing that to p2p.

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    Ide recomend using norton full system scan. Make sure you have lates virus definations and use live update reguraly u should be able to remover the virus.


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