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Thread: Firewall Attacks

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    HI there I have setup my norton Firewall to the settings specified by kazzaa lite, but now I'm getting so called attacks from one I.P address on several different ports.

    One user has manage to connect to me to download a music vid so it must be ok, I get constant messages from Norton firewall every 30 secs saying that I.P address etc... on port 4059 then 4592 then 4056 etc,, what does this mean have I setup the firewall incorrectly. B)

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    I don't know about Norton, but on ZoneAlarm I turn off the Alert notification, otherwise it pops them up every few seconds. The fact that Norton is advising you would suggest that it is doing it's job, so don't worry too much!

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    go into the settings tab, and there is an option somewhere (cant remember off hand...can look when i get home if u like) which is stg like "program control".

    scroll down to kpp.exe and see how its should be to "allow all"

    if this is still a problem, you may need to either

    1. reinstall Kazaa, and click always permit, if norton asks you anything related to kazaa
    2. create a rule in home networking to permit ports xxxx (the ones you mentioned)

    If you have any more probs, just ask...Ill be able to help better from home
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    Sounds like you havnt set up your firewall got to allow klite full access to incoming and outgoing connections...hopefully someone who has norton will be able to give you more info..

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    OK thanks I&#39;m off to work now so I&#39;ll repost later. I have got quite a few users connect to me even with the firewall up. So it may be possible that these I.P address are unscrupulous peeps. B)

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    Kazaa uses ports 1214 and 80, it shouldn&#39;t be going anywhere near these ports. I&#39;d say someone is trying to port scan you so block that IP address. If you want to block this IP address open Norton, on the left click on &#39;Personal Firewall&#39; then on &#39;Internet Zone Control&#39; then on &#39;Restricted&#39; tab with the red stop sign, click on &#39;Add&#39; in the new window enter the IP address you wish to block and click OK, close Norton. This will prevent that IP address from being able to connect to you on any port.

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    Thanks Balamm/leech killer, That&#39;s alot to consider but very helpful. Thanks&#33;

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    looks like this should be pinned......

    nice work balanm


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