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    Anybody know of any software that can take parts out of a movi. eg. american pie 3 where stifler is dancing in the gay bar does anybody know of any software which will let you cut that bit out of the rest of the file :helpsmile:

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    Try Virtual Dub - free
    there is atutorial somewhere in this forum how to use it
    pretty simple
    select the section
    save as

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    I have deleted the parts that i don't want and i have the 2 minutes left that i wanted but the size of the file stays at 800mb even though i have deleted over an hour of other video off the file any help :helpsmile:

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    in VirtualDub, use the little marker buttons at the bottom to set the span that you want to extract
    They look like left & right arrows with the bottoms cut off.
    The <__ arrow will set the beginning of the selection, and the __> arrow sets the end.
    once you got those frames marked, all you have to do is set your Video Compression options (Video > Compression [I always user Xvid]) and do File > Save As AVI...
    and it will save the selected frames as a new file.

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