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Thread: Xandros Desktop Os

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    Xandros Desktop OS is an intuitive graphical environment that works right out of the box and offers unrivaled compatibility with Microsoft Windows. The new Xandros Business Desktop OS adds enterprise-class Active Directory and PDC authentication to the peer-to-peer Windows networking found in the consumer editions.

    The Open Circulation Edition is a limited version of Xandros Desktop OS that can be download at no charge and freely distributed to others. It is strictly for non-commercial use, and no e-mail installation support is included.

    It includes all the easy-to-use features of the Xandros Desktop OS Standard, Deluxe and Business editions, including four-click install with automatic disk partitioning, industry-leading hardware detection and configuration, seamless file and print sharing on Windows networks, and drag-and-drop CD burning in Xandros File Manager.

    The principal differences between the Open Circulation Edition Desktop OS and the commercial editions of Xandros are as follows:

    * The Open Circulation Edition may be freely copied and distributed, either in the downloadable form posted at the Xandros web site or by replicating the installation CD. Please refer to the Open Circulation license agreement for complete details.

    * The Open Circulation Edition is strictly for non-commercial use. Please refer to the Open Circulation license agreement for complete details.

    * CD burning speed in Xandros File Manager is limited to the minimum burning speed of your CD burner. To get the maximum burning speed out of your hardware you can either become a Premium subscriber to Xandros Networks or Upgrade to the Standard, Deluxe or Business editions of the Xandros Desktop OS.

    * The Open Circulation Edition installs an ad-sponsored version of the Opera web browser and e-mail client.

    * You may access the Xandros user forums but you are not entitled to e-mail installation support.

    * No user guide is included with the Open Circulation Edition, but you have full on-line help in the software. You can purchase the 350-page user guide from Xandros Networks or obtain it by upgrading to the Deluxe or Business editions.

    * The Open Circulation Edition does not include CodeWeavers CrossOver Office or Plugin so you are not able to run any Windows compatible applications on Xandros Desktop. Upgrade to the Deluxe or Business editions if you need this functionality.

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