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    I've downloaded a few movies from Kazaa recently and some of them works just fine. But after a watch some of them for a minute or two a text comes up saying; "Good cracking. That was easy, yeah? Please visit for a new version to crack". What kind of tag is this and what should I do to remove it??
    I've downloaded Kazaa Lite 2.1.0 and the codec pack 1.7... But I don't think they got something to do with it... I'm using different kinds of players (Radlight, BS-player etc.) but there's no difference.
    And the tag comes up after a certain time and not on the same spot in the movie. For example if i forward to the middle of the movie the tag comes up after a minute or two anyway.
    Movies that I've downloaded are for example Resident Evil swe sub (2cd), and Ghost Rider (The final ride).

    Please help me with this issue cos I'm really stuck and pissed!



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    Kazaa lite does not install anything on anything you download. All the Movies, Music and Software are put in Kazaa by Mucks in Tibet and the Easter Bunny. How else did you think all these apps got in Kazaa ummmm from Crackers????

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    This is because of the Elecard codec that is part of the K-Lite Codec Pack.

    I recommend getting version 2.0 of the Codec Pack from the development section.


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