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Thread: Looking For App To Edit Html Files

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    I want to be able to edit my webpages as simply and as quickly as possible and am looking for the best app that can do that with a nice user interface...

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    if you know html wel: notepad

    else there's allways dreamweaver, thats sorta the photoshop of webpages......
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    Try First Page 2002, It's freeware and easy to use. It's got the usual: Java scripts, PERL, and DHTML and comes in 4 flavors from Easy to Hardcore. I use Coffeecup 9.6 now but I started on 1st Page. It was simple enough for me using HTML for Dummies as a guide. No shit, a for dummies book.

    It's the easiest to use for nOObs (me-as of last year! Not meaning you.) that I've seen, and I tried a lot. Dreamweaver is awsome, but a major pain to learn if you aint a Webmaster...and I mean master!

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    Even if you don't know html well, use Notepad
    HTML is extremely easy to learn.
    And once you know how to write it, then see the messy crap code that Dreamweaver & others generate, you'll hate em.
    If you need to know about tags & stuff go to and check it out.
    or ask questions in Internetworld/WebDev

    Actually, I use Notepad2 which is perfect. Just like Notpad, but it highlights code (html, php, and tons of other stuff) and mumbers rows & columns and lots of other little things that make it kick ass.

    Please. Leave the WYSIWYG apps alone. At least until you've learned the basics of what you're doing. I promise, it'll at least help you understand what you're really doing in those programs.


    *edit* though honesly, if you want to make your webpages really easy to maintain, use php.

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    I've used Notepad in the past mostly, just feeling lazy these days...


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