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    Not exactly sure what this is, I suspect its just crappy adware from a little research but some AV will pick it up as a trojan. I just cant imagine why something like this would be on a website like while just surfing their site, when I saw this come up on the first time I thought I may have clicked something, but then on another computer while surfing and paying attention it came up again which would at least make me think that its intentional...

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    Thats strange, I've not had any problems with

    I use the site a lot, and have just been back to check, no alerts, no nothing, even done a system scan just in case - completely clean

    What exactly did you click on for the problem to occur?

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    Adult and then when I leave the page it strikes...

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    why would anyone leave the adult section

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    no problems here altho every few pages or so it gets a popup asking if i wanna install some program ... i just click no

    i didnt even know about this site thx for the link looks kinda like sharereactor used to be

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    yep same as a o d... just an annoying popup installer. Are you sure you didnt install it?

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    Absolutly sure, and from what I've read on the web it seems AVG is the main one that detects the file. I am also now seeing this on other pages on the site as well, its very simple to remove but annoying none the less. Just google SecThought.E and you'll se quite a few topics on it, mainly in the AdWare forums...

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    it looks to me to be a problem with AVG itself, as even AVG website don't list it

    also when people try to locate the file it don't exist

    and lastly it seems to be only AVG that detects it

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    Perhaps or the people at ShareConnector are wicked scum...

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    Originally posted by REALITY@16 June 2004 - 06:23
    Perhaps or the people at ShareReactor are wicked scum...
    Assuming you mean ShareConnector?
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