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Thread: Zone Or Firewall Problem?

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    I'm not sure if this is a Zone or firewall problem. If you're familiar with the Zone's 'cd-rom required' multiplayer games then I've got a question for ya. I cannot participate in any games for some reason. I'm attempting to play Age of Empires II: The Conquerers Expansion. The problem is that I can't actually play in any games. The person hosting the multi-player game launches the game and there is a standard screen that appears stating:"Setting up multi-player game", then after a few seconds the game is supposed to start, but in my case it says, "Unable to launch game". I know that with Zone Alarm Pro, if running will keep the game from working, but I don't currently have it running. If I host the game, it works for me but the other person gets the error message. Whats the deal?

    Also, there is this page, but if I'm not even running Zone Alarm Pro then this shouldn't matter. Right?

    Running Win XP
    AOE II ver. 1.0c

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    do u have a router? mgiht have to open some ports or something...

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    No router here. I am on wireless though

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    Hhhmmmm.... no replies eh?

    Any thoughts are welcome


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