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Thread: Canadians, Who Lives In Ontario

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    Hi im thinking of changing my ISP i currently on bell Sympatico high speed and im paying $34.95, my speed is okay, I might changed to ultra but its $59.95.

    Im just wondering if theres a better ISP in Ontario, i know Rogers

    Can u guy give me any suggestions

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    Yes rogers is way better now. FOrget sympatico and go to rogers. They have a better deal. The will give you 5mbps download 800 Kbps upload and for only $44.95. The only problem is, if you do not have cable(tv) then you will have to pay $10 extra every month. The other problem is, you have to buy a DOCSIS modem which is like $99. But hey, at the end its all worth it cuz you get 5mbps download and 800 Kbps upload for only $44.95 per month or $54.95 per month if you do not have cable tv with rogers. Hope this helps you out.

    EDIT: This deal is called Hi-speed extreme

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    COOL 5mbps download 800 Kbps upload, in sympatico its only 4mbps

    i think i should changed to rogers

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    I&#39;m using Rogers Hi-Speed Lite right now but I&#39;ll be upgrading to a higher speed pretty soon. Their service and price is the best, way betta than sympatico. (I used them in the past) Make the switch u won&#39;t regret it. Have fun surfing&#33;

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    I&#39;m using Rogers Normal High Speed I guess. I have 3 Mb download and about 40-50 kbp/s upload.

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    Im using Bell sympatico atm, must say ive been happy with the service, never down, always consistant and I cant complain about the speed im getting. In addition, i have 6 TV&#39;s in my house all with cable and switching to a cable ISP would mean spending more money for hookups or sacrificing cable on some of TV&#39;s. I&#39;ll stick with DSL for now B)


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