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Thread: Windows 95 Help

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    i am trying to access info on a small hard drive running in 95. it wont re-write or upgrade to 98. this info is very important so any ideas would be great. i dont know the name of the program used to make the info i am after but it is a dos based program. i have copied the h-drive over to my system so i can open and examine the files but i dont know where to look. so the question is where would a dos based program hide it files in windows 95?

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    Originally posted by need a medic@12 June 2004 - 12:18
    where would a dos based program hide it files in windows 95?
    could you be any more vague?

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    anyways i found the program name. it is called rapid rental. from my searching i believe the info i need is in a group of .dat files. only problem is i cant seem to open them into anything readable. notepad and wordpad dont work. do i need a special hex editor or what? any thoughts


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