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Thread: Dvd Decryptor

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    Hi! Im trying to rip some dvd to share. I ripped them to harddrive but this is what im confused on:

    i just downloaded and ran dvd decryptor and ripped to dvd to hard drive... i only have cdr's not dvd r's. since all the files that are ripped are huge... how do i join them all toegehter so they fit on one cd? i ripped clueless so it should fit on 1 cd. its not that long of a movie. when i download dvd rips from kazaa they get them so they can be around 600 or 700 mb, how do i do this?! lol hope this isnt to confusing!

    downloading dr divx and wondering what i do next!

    Thanks... feel free to private im me or if you know what to do please reply!!!


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    An easy method that gives good results would be to use Dr. DivX

    just noticed you are already downloading Dr.DivX

    you dont't need to join anything together, Dr.DivX sorts all that out

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    Lol nevermind! found this great program called superdvdripper that saves straight from dvd to avi! i ripped clueless and it came out only 681 MB! It's a great program and great quallity effects... Clueless came out error free with titles! this is great now i can back up my dvd collection!

    its a must to file share'rs !


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