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Thread: Question About Anonx

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    To load (doubleclicking) anonx.pbk for the first time, as well as login, specifically which windows(xp) services must be enabled or running?

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    you should direct your question at the anonx forum

    the admins here are so threatened by other businesses taking away their profits (which is close to none) that they have banned all "spams" related to other websites.

    sad, really

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    Wow did I miss something, anyway as far as I know just click and log in, if you want to be sure your on then check your IP online at a site like, it should be a 38. IP if you are logged in.

    Also you can setup the connection through Network Settings, VPN, so that an icon will show up in tour tray whenever you are connected. Additionally its not a bad idea to sign up at their forum as well...

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    I didn't know they had forums, thx.

    It requires remote access connection which is enabled but there are possibly a couple others for this type of connection that must have been disabled at some point.

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    As a new user to AnonX. What did you think about the service?


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