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Thread: Rejected By Tracker

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    i was trying 2 dl the telecine version of harry potter 3 off and it keeps saying rejected by tracker-not authorised....why is this? its only with certain films on their site and not all. i aint bin leeching as my torrents r allways left open after dling so does any1 know why????

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    cheers....hmm obviously not uploading as much as i thought.....damn. keep my torrents open all the time 2.

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    as a rule give back what you take

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    Torrentbits won't let you download through ports 6881 - 6999. Change the ports on your BT client.

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    i just became a power user there

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    my ports where changed from the blacklisted 1s ages ago thfcfan,cheers tho. my share ratio is 1:1 tho and ave uploaded 7gigs must b a fault somewhere.


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