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Thread: New To Linux

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    I want the SIMPLIEST distro possible.

    heres what im lookin for:
    support for common file types (mp3,zip,exe,rar,avi...)
    internet already included
    and good hardware support so my wireless router will install easily without trouble so i can have the internet running.

    thats all. the noob guide to linux distros didnt really tell me much of what i was looking for. so what distro is most like what i want? sorry if ya'all think this is a stupid question...

    please help. a link to a download place would be nice to..

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    Mandrake would probably be best for you. You should be able to use all those file types except for exe, you will have to get wine. I don't know what you mean by internet already included, but if you mean utilities to set it up, Mandrake probably has plent of them.

    As for the router, google for "linux [your router name]" and see what comes up.

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    its your network interface card that has to deal with linux so your router will work fine


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