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Thread: Far Cry

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    Has anyone actually tried the far cry multiplayer with the downloaded version?
    Cos i want to know if the downloaded version could work online, or do you need the correct cd key?

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    Come on, sum1 must have tried it rite?
    I mean, its been out for quite a while now, and by what ive seen, loads of people have downloaded it, so at least one person here might have tried it, or r they just lazy and not bothered replying...

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    You need a CD key.

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    so it dont matta if the .exe is cracked?

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    The way I see it, is the only way to play anything on multiplayer, you have to buy the game.

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    Originally posted by blitz81388@13 June 2004 - 10:56
    The way I see it, is the only way to play anything on multiplayer, you have to buy the game.
    Once again. NOT true. Not ALL online games require a cd-key, or a valid one. Must yes most do.
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    can't you just search for a key? can't be that hard to find....i could be wrong tho and usually am...oh well

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    From what I've seen, almost all games require a cd key besides - RTS (i.e. C&C), boardgames (i.e. Risk2), maybe one of 2 other genres like those.
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    I think theres an online crack, but I doubt you'll be on anything other than cracked servers. The online is supposed to be crap anyway - no big loss.

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    Even though I payed for far cry (then sold it! for 30 bucks! ) I did get an MP crack working (I think it was the deviance one) I found a manual that helped me edit some crap that allowed for it...I think that far cry MP sucks balls (SP is the shiznit though) so when I finished farcry and got bored with it, I uninstalled it...btw the crack definetly came from [illegal link], I pretty much only use that site so everything else can be ruled out. And the manual for the crack was on some forum I found on google... , I know it's not much help but at least you know it's out there.
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