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Thread: Copyright Music?

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    Hi im looking at making sum music.
    What annoys me is people that change tags.
    When i have made a song is there any way jus to lock the tags????

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    I doubt if there is a way to lock them, dont know for sure tho...

    I use Tag and Rename 2.0.5 to make my tags, can be found on the "market"

    Also WinAmp3 has a cool tagger, i wonder was it a plugin for it or does it comes with the installer.

    And bear in mind, there is atleast two starndards for tags that im aware of:

    ID3v1 & ID3v2

    ..seen on winamp MPEG file info box + ID3 tag editor.

    But the question is good, i'd like to know how to lock them too.
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