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Thread: Anti Spam Security

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    Lately I've been having problems posting replies, but only in certain threads it seems. When I try to post I get this message...

    Anti Spam Security
    Why did I reach this page instead to see my posted message ?

    Possible Reasons:

    You already posted your message (double post)
    You are using a script to post messages
    You hit the reload button but your message was already posted
    If you think this is an error please contact our administrators and they will look into this problem. Please make sure to check the forum you posted to see if your message is not already there.

    The Administration

    None of those reasons are true, and no matter how long I wait before retrying, I still get the same message. I think it's always in the Lounge but I'm not sure. I can open a new window and reply to a different thread successfully, but the other one just won't work!

    Anyone else have this problem, or just me?

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    Here's a search result for word Anti from the fst forum.

    I would check out the ones with a lot of posts.

    Its a sucky feature, that AntiSpam, but its suppose to be removed prett soon.

    No, i dont know exact date when it will be gone.

    Our Admin is on the case and personally i hope it is gone soon too.

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