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Thread: Have You Ever Been Struck By Lightning?

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    Ive been wacked by 24.000 volts
    while train surfing in S.America
    passed out - woke with 3rd degree burns
    a few week later no scars

    Anybodyelse xperience big time voltage hits
    (no 24volters please)

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    Tell me did that hurt

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    i stuck tweezers in a plug socket

    and licked a 9v battery

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    Originally posted by Voetsek@13 June 2004 - 19:24
    Tell me did that hurt
    no-its more like getting paralyzed
    seeing everything around you in reverse neon colors for a couple of seconds

    the pain comes a much later when the burn kicks in.

    Advantages are: you become a much happier guy and women orgasm for hours on end when having sex

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    Thanks S.America woman are so hot i even married one sweet


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