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Thread: Designing Webpage

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    Infested Cats's Avatar Mike Victory
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    Now, I would have posted this in the "Web Development" sub-forum, but I'm afraid it would go un-noticed.

    Anyway, I've been trying to work on my Dad's website, and optimize it so anyone, with any resolution/browser can view it properly... and I barely know where to begin. I have FrontPage and Dreamweaver (latest versions), but I don't have the knowledge to use them effectively.

    I need some help. Could somone please give me some pointers... or hell, take over for a little bit?

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    static hum
    ]is it just the one page?
    If your server/hosting provider supports it, I can re-write it for you using php rather than frames, which will make it easy to update.
    PM me if you like.
    For cross-browser compatibility and accessibility, follow XHTML 1.0 standads and use CSS for relative text sizes, etc. (you can validate your pages at and it will return any errors that you should fix.)
    the easiest way to check for browser compatibilty is of course, to install the 3 most popular browsers (I have IE6, Firefox, and Opera installed for this purpose)

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