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Thread: Getting Installable Version Of Xp To Overwrite 98

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    First post, first visit, etc.

    I'm sure it's right in front of my face, but I'm still a little confused by the interface, and don't know some of the jargon, etc.

    I'm looking for xp. I've got a serious problem with my computer. A virus or something damaged system files. I have no idea where the install discs are (98) and I think I need to reinstall the os. That being said, I figured I might as well go with xp, but after downloading 8 or 9 items that seemed like what I needed, they don't seem to be it.

    One was some sort of porno giff, others are keygens, etc. I'm not quite sure how this works. What exactly do I need to get an installable version of xp? Do I need something called "xp activation" and a "keygen"? I tried something called an activation, it did nothing, then told me to reboot... back to damaged 98. What should I be doing that I'm not?

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    Windows XP Pro (That's the one you should download) is a big file (not like a keygen) and most likely it'll be an .iso or .zip format.

    XP Activation and Keygen you want to get to change WinXP in such way that it'll think that it's legit and activated and regestrated.

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    Thanks... I've gotten a lot of audio programs off Kazaa before. Most were already cracked so no serial number was needed. I've never managed to get anything to work that needed a key generator. I don't think I understand that process.

    I tried one (xp) that was a zip. I guess it was just no good.

    I'll search for another one zipped-up.

    What are the likely scenereos here? Will I be able to find one that simply installs, or will I be asked for a serial number, etc?

    Can anyone give me a quick and simple version of how to step through the process with a keygen, etc?

    Also... will it simply install over '98 and delete anything I need gone from the old OS, or are there other issues I need to be aware of?

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    There was a XP with the key if not you will need a key the file is fairly big and you will need to down load and burn to a CD but first you need to make sure you pc is up to running xp so do a online check up

    here one

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    Welcome and here's your first task READ:

    Should still be on KaZaa.

    How to sort if its a rar,iso etc.

    Have fun now.

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    the best suggestion i can give is firstly run a spyware programme. The reason i say this is cos my pc kept getting screwed and i found out tht it was just stuff attaching itself to the pc. Try Adaware from

    also, please stop using Kazaa! It is good for music and some games but Bit Torrent is much better. Downloads can be faster and it is more likely to be what it says. Go onto google or yahoo and search for bit torrent, in particular, one called Tornado i think it is. Then find a bit torrent search engine. I suggest w*

    This does have windows on there. Look for the XP 10 in 1. I downloaded that successfully. It will be found on suprnova under 'Apps' then 'Windows'.

    If it comes as an ISO (i can't remember) then you may need some called Daemon. Again, search for it in google or yahoo and download it. If it is a rar file, then get winrar. Easy to find, look on google or yahoo.

    If you get stuck at all, then either snd me a private message or look in the relevant forums on this site as they have some really good guides. Let me know how you get on!

    Good luck


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    You might also want to just install Win 98SE or Win XP from scratch.
    Installing Win XP over top of an already corrupt Win 98 OS has almost NO HOPE for success.


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