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Thread: Best Online Spaceship Game?

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    Whatís the best online spaceship game (along the lines of Star Wars Star fighter) for the PC? One where you just buy the game and then itís free to play for as long as you like online

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    x-wing alliance was one of my all-time favorite games, it's a tad old now, but it does not look like COMPLETE crap, I mean, its like N64 graphics, I think it would be a great buy, you could probably find it for 9 bucks at a bargain bin or something. It is very hard towards the end though, so be prepared to grip that stick real hard . It's story is very well written and compelling, and the gameplay is fun, I doubt anyone still plays it online, but you can go take a look at (its in there somewhere) if you are interested.
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    Get yourself Freelancer, then get the Asylum51 mod ( They are a good community and have Star Wars ships and systems in their game

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    X2: The Threat is offline only, but damn well worth it.

    Eve Online for online. Very good from what I've heard.


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