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Thread: Isp Blocked P2p Software

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    I am very mad at my ISP since it seems they have blocked the use of P2P software. I've tried everything to get kazaa to work and still i get such horrible speeds. I've tried other alternatives and still nothing. I would love to switch ISP's but the one i am on is the only broadband ISP there is in my area. Other people on my ISP are having the same problems so thats why i assume that the ISP has blocked use of P2P. Has there been any new P2P software that isn't blocked by ISP's???

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    Have you tryed using a random port number?

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    What's your ISP?

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    a small rural one. I've called them and they claim that there is no block but isnt it off that four ppl from the same very small ISP are having the same problem. Before a month ago we were getting speeds over 80kb/s. Now, we're lucky if we get more than 2kb/s. I was getting better speeds on dial-up.

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    are you, by chance, using zone alarm 5?

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    i am behind no firewall, i have the firewall in XP disabled

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    damn dude that really suck,best of luck to you.

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    Another reason could be that, if you're downloading "Alot" then your ISP might have capped your Bandwidth usage. If you lay off the P2P programs for week or lil longer, Your speeds might get better with the available bandwidth.

    My best guess, you got capped and they didnt notify you.

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    no, i dont download very much @ all. It takes too long for movies and apps so i download some mp3's but maybe 10 a week at the most.

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    anyone have any ideas?

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