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Thread: Csi: Crime Scene Investigation

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    Hi I really like the sound of this game and would like to try it: ive searched previous posts looked on kazaa suprnova and emule where it once was according to old posts with no luck does anyone know where i can get this from please??? :helpsmile:

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    Sucks I know.

    Alls I can think of is to request it on the Suprnova forums, was there like you said, got mine from there, both of em. So somebody'll put it up.

    Or just wait awhile, popular game, it'll come back around.

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    i got it from,
    for overnet or e-mule network
    quite good as well
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    thanks ill have a look if not ill request it

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    Check in Verifieds in a can, it's in the game list there under -C-, where


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