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Thread: Za 5.0

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    I was planning to reply to the other ZA topic but can't find it.

    in ZA 5.0 some reported problems. I have too. Like making computer slow, sluggish and kind of hangs between loads or loading programs. I spent most of the past week wondering if there was a way to fix it without having to Format and re-install WinXP.

    I think that if you uninstall ZA 5.0. Open up the registry in regedit and delete all the registries that have to do with ZA. Might take about an hour to go through all the registries and delete only the ZA ones. Also might want to doa search for any ZA files on your HD that might get left behind also. I did and my computer started working perfectly fine after that.

    For those that do try, if you're worried about being vulnerable, just disconnect yourself from the internet during that time you need to do all those things. BTW, be careful of what you delete in the registry.

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