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Thread: Kazaa Lite K++ Stopped Downloading

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    I am a very casual user of this product and therefore apologize if the answer to my question is in the FAQ.

    I have had no problem using Kazaa Lite K++, within the last week or so I have been tryihng to download a couple of Sopranos series and all I see get is connecting, more sources or searching. These are high bandwidth sites when I do the search. I see that people are still downloading from me ok.

    Because of this I searched for a newere version of the program and am using 2.4.4

    Do I need to change to another Supernode or something like that, if so please let me know how?

    Please point me in the right direction if I need to make changes to my options, however, be aware nothing changed in my options to prevent me from downloading.

    Thank you,

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    The newest K-Lite is 2.6 RC22. Use my sig to get it.

    You might trying jumping SuperNodes. (File->Disconnect then Connect or Jump SuperNode)

    Start a download when you have alot of sources for a file.

    (...)These are high bandwidth sites when I do the search.(...)
    What sites ?

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    I mean the sites that come up when I search all appear to have very good bandwidth to download quickly but nothing happens.

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    if its the season finale of the most recent soprano's season you want then everyone is having issues with it. I can download everything else i want except those. They show alot of bandwith on them but they don't connect. Just a bunch of bogus files. Give it time and keep searching through all the bullshit and you'll eventually stumble across it.


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