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Thread: Is This Letter

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    My sister got a email that stated this.


    It appears that you are offering copyrighted music to others from your computer. Distributing or downloading copyrighted music on the Internet without permission from the copyright owner is ILLEGAL. It hurts songwriters who create and musicians who perform the music you love, and all the other people who bring you music.

    When you break the law, you risk legal penalties. There is a simple way to avoid that risk: DON'T STEAL MUSIC, either by offering it to others to copy or downloading it on a "file-sharing" system like this.

    When you offer music on these systems, you are not anonymous and you can easily be identified. You also may have unlocked and exposed your computer and your private files to anyone on the Internet. Don't take these chances. Disable the share feature or uninstall your "file-sharing" software. For more information on how, go to This warning comes from artists, songwriters, musicians, music publishers, record labels and hundreds of thousands of people who work at creating and distributing the music you enjoy. We are unable to receive direct replies to this message. For more information about this Copyright Warning, go to

    I had not seen one like this so is this a scam or what.

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    Sounds like a scam to me. These things usually call you by name and explicitly identify the copyright infringing item you've downloaded. And they're usually sent as a letter as well, I doubt you'd get such a thing by email if it were genuine.

    I'd just wait and see what happens

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    That email is strange - especially as it doesn't state the name of the file your sister allegedly shared. But I have heard of Musicunited - I think it's some record industry propaganda site.
    Tell her to remember to never give her email address to strangers online, and then she will be safer.


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