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Thread: Hi Help Me With Wmv Please

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    I have downloaded a bunch of wmv's from kazaa for the Dave chapelle show and a few other things. Anyways when I go to open them through windows media player, on the bottom it says, opening file then changes to I think it says aquiring liscence and then I get window that says file server error with every wmv I have. I have the latest media player version 9 and also 10(beta). I have downloaded all the codec updates and have even gone to and got the divx player and the codec packages as well. The wmv's also dont work in the divx player, it says error opening file or something like that. Anyone know how i can play these?

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    Trying to get a liscence for you damn stupid player some one never turned that off in the player lucky it goes nowhere some times you have to pay

    open player look under Tools

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    and do what under tools? I have already tried looking in there and looking for updates but no luck :helpsmile:

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    sorry you can change your settings clear history and take off copy protection and such far as i can tell you will not be able to play the files you may wish to try apple player if what ever you have sorry i am not much help

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    Pasted from another forum..

    After exporting a movie in WMV format, you cannot play it.

    WMV files may not work with some versions of Windows* Media Player and the Windows* operating system.

    To update the files needed to play a WMV file, try this:
    Open your Internet connection
    Start Windows Media Player: click Start >Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Windows Media Player.
    Open the WMV file in Windows Media Player. The required files are updated automatically.

    Edit- That advice looks a bit shite to me, though.

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    Apparently, Real One plays wmv's with no conflicts.

    If that dosen't work try Videolan.

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    In my honest opinion, stop downloading that crap.
    I dont DL that stuff ---> No Problemos.

    I mean, Windows Media Audio and/or Video is from Hell, made by mr S. himself.

    Spoiler: Show

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    its hard not to downlaod that stuff if im using kazaa. I duno what else to use

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    It sounds like they're all copy protected files which require you to pay a fee to aquire a license in order to view them. As far as I know there's no way to crack them (well there are ways around it, but it's probably more trouble than they're worth). Just out of curiosity did you get them all from the same source? Have you tried Bittorrent/Suprnova?

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    I didnt get them from the same user but I got em all form kazaa. I have not tried those nor have I heard of them

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