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Thread: Who Is Good At Using Nero?

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    q1) yeah, so far after testing this dvd burner i got people have told me that i keep on getting these "power calibration" errors from nero cuz i buy crappy brand GQ (Great Quality) a crappy brand?

    q2) oh yeah, and the thing that i wonder is that i've been burning my mpg and avi files with nero using the dvd iso file option to store 4.3 gigs, and i've been trying to get them to at least load up on my dvd player menu, but it won't, how do i do it?

    q3) also, why do the cds claim to only hold 120 minutes worth of media on it? isn't that shitty? i mean, regular cds can hold 80 minutes, and here you have a dvd blank that stores 4.3 gigs, and all that it can do is hold 40 more minutes? how do regular dvd manufacturers that release moves hold 8 hours (bonus footage and other stuff) on their dvds then?

    q4) i'm tired of watching porn on my small ass monitor and i want nto figure out a way to still burn 4.3 gigs as usual but to also play it on my dvd player without the quality of the mpegs or avis or wmv's or whatever being affected and having reduced or changed quality.

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    Although I am far from an expert with making DVDs, I've done a lot of reading on the subject recently.
    VideoCDs can't hold 80mins of video. Also, the quality of what they can hold is much lower than that of original DVDs, but then you can fit more than 3 hours of video on a DVD-r if you're OK about lower quality.
    Get NeroVision 2 (which authors, encodes & burns), play with it's options and then you'll see what you can fit on one disc.
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    If you have a dvd burner a blank dvd get the most up to date nero and play takes a lot of time say around 3 hours Yrancode and burn and if all goes well its done dvd a PS2 will play and blank dvd some dvd players will not nero is easy go try

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    a1. those cds are prob crap then. if not check neros site.

    a2. the files must be mpg2 so you would need to convert them if they arent already. then u need a program to author them like dvd lab. once they are just burn the files. as a dvd. what u are doing is burning data. only if u have a dvd player that plays mpeg4 (avi) then it wont work

    a3. no its not shitty quality. its excellent infact. the 80 mins are usually for music. a vcd can hold less than 80 like 40-60 i think. the dvd is 120 in video. although if u compress it right it can hold much much more (same with vcds). the dvds that are sold hold more data thats why. the new dual layers should do the job

    a4. convert your porn to vcds (you can do it to dvds but whats the point)
    use acp.

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    oh...i convert them to dvd's cuz i have like 50 gb of porn tha ti need to burn off and it would take forever eto use those 700mb discs than a 4.3 gb disc.....also....I checked out the dvd video mode in nero and when you drag over the video files, they count it as regular mb space rather than how many minutes it is..........wierd...

    so is there a site that rates cd brands? i know tdk is good, but they're fuckin pricey......

    but yeah, this, if i can get it to work well, then it would be so good.

    too bad i didn't find a dual layer dvd burner on sale.....mine only does "+" and "-"
    which i don't understand what the signs represent...oh well....99 bucks for external...not bad...

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    well agian ur not doing them as dvds. ur doing data

    to do it to dvds you would have to author them. if u really want to put alot of minutes on a dvd just make all ur vids into kvcd and burn those

    oh yeah here are some guides


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