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Thread: To The 5 Boroughs

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    If anyone can help me out that would be great.

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    *link removed.
    They have this album and others

    "When I die...let it be...and when they come for me...Bury me a G."

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    don't agree to any gray boxes if you know whats good for you

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    Thats right. On most of the popular MP3 sites you should use netpumper to download but if ya want to use tha jave applet to download you have to accept the security warning from Wakenet AB for the applet to load. You may get others so make sure to accept only the one from Wakenet AB. I have been hitting these places for years LOL. Got that one from Supermusic in WMA format before 21st put it up.

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    i have it on soulseek right now, if u want it u can pm me with your username and ill let u dl it off me B)

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    It's all over irc and the bots of efnet will max out your connection.

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    Yeah, I'm rather confused about this one, ...every time I d/l one of the tracks from that cd, after the d/l is completed and I go to listen to it, I find out that every track, no matter what the title or file size was, they are all the same "dummy track" called "Ch-Ch-Check It Out" (Argh!!&#33

    Any work around for this??

    Thanks a million!!!


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    Hye Reeb, PM me and ill hook ya up with a copy


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