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    can anyone tell me what this means and how i can sort it out....pls.

    IOQD is set too low.... performance will suffer...

    any help would be good


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    Where, what, how???

    What are you talking about?

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    Can you be more specific on where you got this from?

    Benno, nice sig.

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    Great dood is a post slut... lol

    Try googleing it before you post here... and the same for you regs who ask what its about... google is ur best friend...

    heres what i found....

    "Warning W231: IOQD is set too low. Performance =
    will suffer.
    Tip T2525: Current AGP data rate not optimal="

    So, maybe your agp rate needs to be increased in your bios... maybe you have it at 1x, or 2x, and should go to 4x or something... check it out.

    Warning W231 - The IOQD (Host Bus In-Order Queue Depth) is set too low, most likely 1, i.e. no queue. This indicates the depth of the host bus pipelining; thus 1 indicates that no pipelining is to be done on the bus. This reduces the performance of the host bus which is crucial to performance. P6 (Pentium Pro, II, III, Celeron) has an IOQD depth of 8 while the P4 has an IOQD of 12. Most chipsets have an IOQD of 4 or more.

    and that also...
    this should prolly be moved to hardwareworld id think.

    But, seems like the bus settings from ur cpu to ram are too low...

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    Also, did u get this message from sisoftsandra? Some times that proggie miss diagnoses this.

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    You're luckly i found your comment, before this sandra told me this and i surfed around for at least two hours until i found a soloution.

    This will probly apply to you too there is somthing on the mainboard that some manufacturers dont turn on or something anyway go to site read about if you think it's right download and install.

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    thanks for all your replies....

    i am pretty new to all this so it will take me a while to work out what you have told me (Schmiggy JK23). to be honest the bios scares the sh*t out of me but im going in anyway....

    with regards to 'hardwareworld' in the words of Benno up the top....

    where what how???

    junkyardking.... i will also try your link.

    thanks again for all your help


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