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Thread: Rise Of Nations Question

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    i jus got rise of nations and i played it once yesterday when i wanted 2 play it again, when i put the cd in a message came up sayin that i needed 2 put the cd in the cd-rom. this also happened with rise of nations throns and patriots. can anyone help me please

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    Find a NOCD crack. will have one.

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    they are not working!!!!

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    Originally posted by joker23@15 June 2004 - 19:33
    they are not working!!!!
    try more than one!!!!!

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    ive tried a whole bunch and keep getting a sign its:

    can not locate the cd-rom
    please insert the correct cd-rom, select ok and resart applications

    and i tried the cracks from the from that website and it keeps giving me this!

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    different question:

    does anyone know if deviance has a website???


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