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Thread: Cannot Reverse Dat. Files To Avi Format

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    RECENTLY, i switched the shared folder from C:drive to D for extra space. I notice that after the switch, the video files upon completion frm downloading became .Dat files. i read and read the K-Lite FAQ abt retrieving them...i even switch the share folder back to C. drive and so far nothing works. They are fully downloaded but in the Dat format
    How shall i go about getting them revert back to avi files?

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    have u tried simply changing the file extension from .dat to .avi?
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    are you certain they are completed? try loading them into Gspot

    and try to resume the dl (by redling maybe) to see if they need more info
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    Thats the thing.
    I dunno how to reverse the format frm Dat to avi file.
    Someone suggested re-naming them but i didnt work.

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    May i know where to get the gspot?
    I have the clean k-L 24.4 version.
    I am pretty sure they are fully downloaded as i saw them complete in front of myeyes..then they didnt appear on the video folder like all downloaded files are supposed to be store on kazaa.

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    In Windows Explorer look under tools then - Folder Options -View -take the tick out of "Hide file extensions for known file types", now you should see the whole file rename to .avi (or .mpg if its a mpeg). Well mind is but I have ME.

    Gspot is at

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    I went to folder options and uncheck the hidden options. still it didnt surface..sigh..
    i spend a good amt of time downloading it..

    Somehow the file is not coming up in the extensions. Run through it quite using win xp. I went to look for a couple of options to switching it back frm dat. to avi like some video cleaner frm some river company. supposedly it could convert but sigh..didnt work. It wont read the prog.

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    Guest is the correct answer

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    you should use divfix or virtualdub


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