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Thread: Kazaa Lite++ And Lime Wire

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    I am completely confused and need an answer. I recently tried to download Kazaa Lite, but got somehow sidetracked and ended up with Lime wire. I had no choice, because when I clicked on "download", the name of the file changed. I don't want Lime wire, I want Kazaa.
    Also, in order for me to get into the site, I had to pay a fee of $19.95 for one year. It will be billed as Did I pay this fee to Lime wire or does it apply to Kazaa??????
    Can I uninstall Lime wire or is it connected to Kazaa? Please somebody help. Also when I tried to download Kazaa, the website indicated that they do not recommend downloading Kazaa, but suggested to go to other sites like Lime wire or Morpheus etc.
    This is the first time I had problems and I have had Kazaa for years, first the regular Kazaa, then I switched to Kazaa Lite.
    Thankyou for any help or replies.
    Sabina. :music1:

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    You got ripped off. To get K-lite go to

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