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Thread: Just Woundering What P2p Application

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    Monkeee's Avatar Post Whore
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    Sep 2003
    What P2P Sharing Software Do you guys use?

    i use Shareaza, Soulseek, Kazaa (only for old movies), and Bittorent?

    How about you guys? Any i should use?

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    Blubster and bittorent. Do I need anything else?

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    kazaa2002's Avatar lost
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    Dec 2003
    near oz
    Monkeee, try Azureus

    it is the small things that usually drive us mad

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    Monkeee's Avatar Post Whore
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    Sep 2003
    nahhh i always stick with shadow's client. I get fast speed

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    Kazaa Lite 2.43 and Tornado BT Kazaa for the family ha ha

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    Ares all the way, if there's something I can't find I use Mammoth.
    Only music & movies, though.

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    overnet and abc bittorrent all the way....

    ...well, until something great comes along

    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all

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    Overnet for me.

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    uNz[i]'s Avatar Out of order
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    Mar 2003
    BitTornado, K-Lite, Overnet Lite and currently testing Shareaza V2.

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    mirc , all the way

    i both download and also allow uploads with #incomplete
    so although mirc is not a p2p i still share and still say its the

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