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Thread: Looking For Away To Use Klite On 64 Bit.

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    Have all my driver's done in 64 bit.Can play games in 32 bit with the open GL fix but havent been able to figure away to get Klite going.Been trying to add stuff to System 32 and Syswow64 to get it too work.Any help would be apprecated.
    Athlon 64 3200
    Abit KV8-Max3
    Xp 64 bit

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    Id load Klite 26 22 and would get error that MSVBVM50.DLL was missing.

    So far best i can get is adding MSVBVM50.DLL to Syswow64. Reloading Klite 26 22. I get no error's but Kazaa just dissappear's and Khancer just sit's there.

    Got DLL from here.

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    Have a second puter and saw that its MSVBVM50.DLL was a tad bigger in System32.Reinstalled in syswow64 on other puter but did nothing same as other.

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    Try downloading and instal Kazaa Lite K++ from


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