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Thread: Panda Antivirus & Zonealarm?

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    I just uninstalled NAV and installed Panda 7.2. I used to use ZoneAlarm Firewall, and it always worked very well. Well, Panda's got its own Firewall, so I'm wondering whether or not I should install ZoneAlarm or not. I want as much protection as possible since I'm using P2Ps quite often. What do you suggest?

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    Think you can only have or need one firewall but check this out the further down you rad the more intresting this gets

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    Voetsek's right, you cant have 2 firewall's (besides the fact that it aint useless)
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    So the gist is: if I want my PC to run as smoothly as possible I should use ZA firewall and disable the Panda firewall, right? Also, as long as I'm using an Outlook/ Express mail client then Panda should work perfectly, right?

    I have one problem: I had to use the Add/Remove programs to uninstall NAV 2004 b/c there wasn't an uninstall option anywhere. Well, my recycle bin is still "Norton Protected," and when I start up my PC, it always pauses and tells me that some Norton file is missing so that Windows is different than normal. It suggests that I uninstall it using the unistall program or setup. Those programs don't exist on my PC. No NAV programs show up in Add/Remove programs either. Is there some way to remedy this?

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    hope this is what you're looking for:

    google is your friend.

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    So if I disable the Panda firewall and use ZA firewall, will my PC run more efficiently and faster?

    Also, my version of Panda is only for 30days for some reason. Does anyone have a link or a file name where I can find a ver. w/ at least a year's worth of registration? Thanks

    PS: I'm still working on getting all the NAV uninstalled.


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