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Thread: Kazaalite Codec Pack - Is It Legal?

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    I was wondering if downloading (and using) the 'Kazaalite codec pack' was legal?

    I don't give a stuff myself, but I am making a site and was hoping to post a link to, as it is for an official charity, I don't want to get them in any trouble.

    I know the Divx codec is free (ad-supported) but I have the kazaalite codec pack and use the Divx codec to encode and decode and have never seen an Ad!

    AND on a completely different topic (don't want to start a new thread);

    Does anyone know why, if I select some video files (AVI & MPG) windows explorer keeps restarting? It's hard to delete something that you can't select - I often have to remove all the other files from the folder that it is in and then delete the folder!

    WinXP Home 512 ram, 120 gb HD (105gb free) P4 2.66ghz.

    Thanks to anyone for replying!

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    As far as I know it is freeware
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