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Thread: Use Partition Magic 8 To Install Xp

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    Is this possible?:

    I wont to install xp but have it as multi-boot and still kepp my win2K pro installed as main. Can I use P magic to do this?

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    i dont know if u can do that with partion majic but i kno wif u have an OS of any kind already installed and then u still win2k win2k will install a boot loader i dunno if that helped at all i hope it does

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    Yes u can i did that exact thing except i had win2k and wanted to install linux mandrake on a second partition. if u say u have 8 then on side it has buttom for installing a new OS. It goes throught the directions. It is very easy and also it gives u exact directions on how to multi boot with using partition magic 8.

    Good Luck


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